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Villgrater Natur Schett Josef

The best out of nature.

From the beginning, the products from Villgrater Natur are made by people from the region. This is no coincidence, but the „Villgrater way of living“: Values such as honesty, traditional housing, good neighborly relations, the family as  a source of strength and a cautios approach to nature are more important than pure profit orientation – these are not mere empty slogans to us but our everyday way of living and working.

We strive to keep old crafts alive. For only with these crafts our ancestors were able to survive in the Villgraten valley. Nevertheless, it is now vital to constantly involve new insights into the manufacturing of our products. On the one hand this includes the cooperation with universities and experts, such as Prof. Willi Dungl, on the other hand, the ongoing feedback from our customers motivates us to constantly improve our performances.

Feel good at home

This is another slogan of our business. By making sure that we are doing well, we can also ensure that our customers and our guests are doing well. People feel the peace and the power emanating from a careful approach to nature and therefore love to visit the Villgrater Natur house and the Villgraten valley. We also pack this force into our pure natural products.

Family as a source of strength is important to us and therefore our employees can flexibly adjust their working hours to their personal circumstances. Some of our seamstresses can work in the mornings and care for their children and families in the afternoon.

We all know that happy employees perform better at their jobs.

Villgrater Natur Almlandschaft Ursprung

Josef Schett, Managing Director, and daughter Rebecca Schett bring the philosophy of Villgrater nature into the world.

Familie Schett Villgrater Natur

The family is engine and heart of Villgrater nature.

Our shop – our Villgrater Natur house