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Villgrater Sleeping System

Please note that the change to our sleep system at the beginning can bring about a habituation phase of lying and sleeping behavior. In our beds, the spine is returned to its optimal position. This optimally supports the lumbar and cervical vertebrae. This period usually takes 1-2 weeks and can bring about changes in sleep.

The Insert Frame

The frame is made of local spruce and pine wood and comes together with 2 short and 2 long wedges. With these parts, the spring element can be increased at the desired locations. Especially when you have venous problems, circulatory disorders, disorders of the digestive tract, etc., this adjustment can alleviate existing symptoms, since the slight increase in the leg and head area stimulate the blood circulation.

The Villgrater Natur spring element

offers various features and adjustment options that can be customized. The solid wood lamellae of the spring element should be reversed from time to time, so that a uniform spring action of both sides is permanently maintained. To turn the slats, you can leave them in the flap and simply turn them around their own axis.

The two shorter strips in the lumbar region serve to relieve the intervertebral discs and alleviate any back problems. Both strips can be moved outwards or inwards, depending on personal well-being.
If you push the strips outward, the spring element in the lumbar region will give way more and become softer. If you slide the strips inward, the lumbar region of the lumbar region will give way less and become stronger.

The supporting action of the spring element can be easily adapted to the individual needs in this way. The adjustment of the strips is done individually and is not dependent on body size or weight.


The Villgrater natural mattresses should be turned every 14 days in all directions, so that an even wear occurs. On occasion, the mattress should be put in the fresh air. As a result, the wool fleece gains volume and becomes fluffy again. The mattress cover made of semi-linen is washable at 30 ° C in the washing machine. The quilted cotton cover is washable at 30 ° C in the washing machine. Please DO NOT spin both variants!

Mattress pads and overbeds

The mattress pads and the overbeds should be regularly aired on the balcony or window sill. Best directly exposed to the sun, thus wool fiber regenerates best. Bedsheets and sheep’s wool pads can not be washed. It is best to remove stains with a damp cloth. The lavender can be washed at 30 ° C in the wool washing program in the washing machine

Pillows and bolsters

We fill pillows and neck rolls from the outset rather firmly. You can take a little filling out if the pillow or bolster is too tight for your needs.
If you feel that the filling is getting solid:
Open the zipper, remove the filling and pluck it up. So the pillow is nice and fluffy again. From time to time the wool should be put in the sun for a few hours. This allows the wool fiber to regenerate. The cushion cover made of cotton can be washed at 40 ° C in the washing machine.


Please note the information on the respective product tags of the different wool blankets. Since our blankets are made from 100% pure new sheeps wool, alpaca or merino wool, you should avoid frequent washing. This protects the wool fiber and guarantees a long service life of the blankets. Ventilate the blankets regularly in the sun. Should you nevertheless want to wash them once, you prefer hand washing or the gentle washing process in the wool or gentle washing program at a maximum of 30 ° C.

Sheep wool socks

The sheep’s wool socks made of 100% pure new wool are already prewashed and thus easily rolled. Washable at 30 ° C in the wool washing program of your washing machine.

Shoe inserts made of felt

Air regularly. Can be carefully washed by hand washing if necessary.

Gloves and mittens

Can be washed if necessary by hand washing or in the wool washing program of your washing machine at a maximum of 30 ° C. Leather trim then treat with a leather care.

hot water bottle covers

The fluffy hot water bottle covers made of 100% pure new wool can be washed by hand or in the wool washing program of your washing machine at a maximum of 30 ° C.

Seat and hiking cushions

Stains on our seat and wall pillows should be cleaned with a damp cloth or at most by hand washing to maintain the shape and quality as long as possible.

knitting wool

Our knitting wool can be washed at 30 ° C in the wool washing program.


Skins have a high self-cleaning power. For coarser soiling, we recommend the use of a coat care. The skins are only washable by hand (30 ° C), for this you use best our grooming shampoo with brush.

Stuffed sheep

All our cuddly sheep (exception: music box) are washable WITHOUT content (eg .: cherry stone pillow) in the wool washing program at 30 ° C.

Carpet care

For the care of your carpet (sheep’s wool or synthetic fiber) you can easily use a vacuum cleaner (not a teat). Sheep wool carpets should be turned about 3 to 4 times a year around their own axis and turned. Carefully cut off protruding wool fibers at the bottom of the carpet with scissors. Put in the snow in winter and beat well. Wash out stains with curd soap or a lye from a wool detergent, repeat if necessary.
For heavy soiling: Wash, if not possible, chemically clean. The jute as inner core gives the carpet a better lying quality.
Bei stärkerer Verschmutzung: Waschen, wenn nicht möglich, chemisch reinigen. Die Jute als Innenkern gibt dem Teppich eine bessere Liegeeigenschaft.

What does not fit is made to fit

When you purchase a Villgrater natural sleep system or a natural mattress, within two weeks of delivery you have the option of replacing the interior of the mattress with a softer or stronger one.
However, we recommend that you sleep on the mattress for at least one week as the body often has to get used to the new sleeping situation. If you need special size sleepwear, we can make it for you. Just tell us what and how you would like it.

>>> Here <<< you can get the instructions as download in German.