Thanks to 75,000 woolly suppliers

Villgrater Natur bed

Sleep is a gift of the gods –

to enjoy it to the fullest, it is best to use the gifts of nature: Authentic Austrian sheep’s wool for mattresses, combined with fragrant pinewood in the bed frame.

Woolin insulating materials

Biological building – insulating with sheep’s wool – a high-tech product of nature.

Sheep’s wool is the most natural and best insulating material that can be imagined.

None of the artificial insulation materials developed in recent years and produced using complex processes exceeds this natural product proven since time immemorial.


Since 1986 – at that time as the main product – we have been delivering our Villgrater lamb to upscale restaurants.

Of course, it is also possible for our customers to take home a piece of excellent quality lamb. In our Villgrater Natur house you can buy lamb sausages, lamb ham and lamb salami. Lamb is available via telephone order at +43-4843-5520. We ask for understanding that we do not always have all pieces of lamb on stock.

„The sheep give us valuable raw materials, from which we can make many excellent products for a healthy lifestyle.“

Production at Villgrater Natur